Dates not to miss – Summer 2017

This is the time of year when temperatures rise, adding to that, there are regattas, independence and emancipation festivals that are bound to sizzle, and generate their own heat. No worries though, you can always count on the sea breeze or the winds that meander down the lush and verdant green mountainside to keep things cool. Catch some shade beneath the tropical foliage or a coconut frond, and appreciate a cool slice of the fruit of the season – mango. Sip on delectable tropical concoctions or simply slip into the cool, clear waters. There’s no better time to indulge in the food and frivolity of the Caribbean than during summertime, where feeling “hot, hot, hot” is a welcome vibe.

Take the opportunity to learn more than you ever wanted to know or even thought that you knew about mangoes and other deliciously succulent tropical delights. There will be crafts, activities and even a “Mango Dis Mango Dat” contest, guaranteed you’ll be able to “eat til yuh belly bust” (vernacular for eat until your stomach is full and beyond). It’s a treat and feast for the entire family in the St. George Village Botanical Garden, during the 21st Annual Mango Melee and Tropical Fruit Festival, July 9 .


Barbados opens the month with their aquatic adventure for everyone – above, below or by the waters, no matter your penchant, there’s pleasure to be had swimming, diving or strolling along the shore. Explore the magnificent underwater world and learn how to protect it from above and below at Dive Fest Barbados, July 5 – 9 .

Martinique puts females first as they push the pedals and cycle to the finish, during the 4th Annual Grand Prix de Féminines, July 1 – 2; then it’s the men’s turn to join in on the road for the 36th Annual Tour Cycliste International Martinique, July 8 – 16

Sails unfurl to catch the warm summer winds, as boats glide atop the crystal-clear waters. It’s “all aboard” for the All Andros & Berry Islands Regatta, July 7 – 10 .