Dates Not to Miss – Winter 2017


The Caribbean remains strong and resilient this winter. Whether recovering from the summer’s storms or focusing on moving upward and onward, with Caribbean living, there are ten things we can count on: 1. Islanders are there for each other, 2. Sunny smiles, 3. Balmy breezes, 4. Observance of holy holidays, 5. Sumptuous seafood, 6. Cool coconut water, 7. Activities at sea, 8. Activities on shore, 9. Beauty reigns, 10. Carnival is here!


Curaçao heads up the month with one of the longest and largest carnival celebrations at the grand opening of Curaçao Carnival Village, January 6.

St. Lucia offers up its fishermen’s fresh catch each Friday, with melodic Caribbean melodies in the background. Fresh shrimp, octopus, squid, and lobster are just a few of the savory fare available on the west coast at Anse-la-Raye Seafood Friday, January 8


In Jamaica, with the series name Bacchanal and the theme, Rebirth, just short of their “birthday suits”, road march revelers will amaze with their barely there, ornate costumes at Beach Jouvert, Reveller’s Fete and Bacchanal Jouvert & Road March which begin in January and run through April. Mass bands will include Bacchanal Jamaica, Jamaica Carnival, Xaymaca International, Exodus and the Ocho Rios Carnival, for Jamaica Carnival, January 16 – April 2



Jamaica tops the month with celebrations of the island’s reggae icon, featuring international reggae artists and s taste of the island’s culture at the Bob Marley Birthday Bash in Negril, February 1 – 6.

The Friday night parties continue with a delightful array of surf and land cuisine. Barbeques are ablaze with chicken, pork and seafood served up to the pulsating island rhythms spun by local DJs at the St. Lucia Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party.


For lovers of the sea, its a romantic jaunt around Antigua during the Jolly Harbour Valentine’s Regatta

The main day-time parade is underway, in Curaçao, with parades, costumes, and Carnival royalty at the Grand Carnival Parade “Gran Marcha”, February 11


Not to be outdone by all the Carnival escapades on land, St. Maarten brings its “Serious Fun” race atop the waves for four days of championship racing across crystal clear water. Catamarans skillfully captained by sailors, with agility and seemingly ease, catch the trade winds at sea and head to shore for the evening’s celebrations during the 38th Heineken Regatta, March 1 – 4


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