The party starts here

The party starts here

Hyatt Zilara is the grown and sexy iteration of its sister property, a short stroll away, the Hyatt Ziva. Where the Ritz Carlton in Rose Hall once stood, is now a playground for fun and sun seekers who want a touch of Vegas brought in the Caribbean. The rooms are spacious and well appointed. The views of the sea are expansive and the party only stops when you want it to finish. The vibe here is upbeat and fun. The dining options are vast, and the place to Zen out is cabin 4 of the spa. This sought after treatment room sits right on the water’s edge and when the therapist opens the floor-to-ceiling doors, you experience the rush of the outdoors while in the quiet, airconditioned comfort of your treatment room. Jamaica is a multifaceted island and has resort and hotel offerings for just about every visitor’s taste. The Zilara experience is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to hit the beach, have foam parties in the pool, take their spin class underwater (for the most part) and indulge in sweet treat temptations. We caved and stepped away from all dietary restrictions when partaking in the chocolate workshop over at Sweet Bitez. In our defense, it was located over at the Hyatt Ziva, a short stroll away, but those steps burned calories. We take advantage of every calorie burn we can.

There is a legit DJ that helps keep us moving during the foam pool parties in the middle of the day; another calorie burner. With limitless food and cocktail access, this dance party in the pool is everything we need to counteract the temptations and indulgences. Life is sweet here. Since it is adults only here at Zilara, many inhibitions are shed and the experience is romantic once the sun goes down. Here again, everyone creates their own experience. The backdrop is set by Mother Nature, Jamaica’s balmy breezes and the hotel puts a spotlight on bringing partners closer together. The outside world seems miles away. The waves only feet away are ample enough and the toys that the hotel offers guests make interacting with the water a fun adventure. The staff are eager to entertain guests, but if you stay long enough and decide you want to explore a little bit of Jamaica, they can connect you with the perfect adventure for the day. Plan accordingly because Jamaica on its own has enough pull to make you want to stay a lifetime.  Combine that draw with this hotel and this vacation could end up changing more than just a few things in your life. Trust us, you’re going to love it here.


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