A Dominican Tale

Some things mellow with age, not the Dominican Republic.  Here it seems that time only serves as a refinery for the finer things in life.  This island’s long and storied history appears to have had an impact on its people.  Everyone here is welcoming and genuinely hospitable.

She knew she wasn’t in the United States anymore, but as the aircraft banked right and flew only a few hundred feet above a mountain top, in preparation for landing on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Hollywood starlet Jessica Morris knew she was nearing paradise.

Palm trees, baring a striking difference to the ones that line the manicured streets of Beverly Hills, gained stature as they emerged from the hills of this Caribbean land.  More stately and more at home, they seemed to be waving her in for a landing that would take her to places she couldn’t have imagined.  “A few days on a tropical island, I am looking forward to it.” She recalls telling the Caribbean Living editorial coordinator who sent her an itinerary for 5 days in Puerto Plata.  “I can use the time to de-stress from the hectic days of back-to-back auditions and LA traffic.”


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