A taste of history in Merida

Spoiler Alert:  You will experience a completely new standard of hospitality at Hacienda Petac, which may impact all future travel experiences.

“Merida? Would you like to visit Hacienda Petac in Merida?” I was asked on a bleak winter’s day in Chicago. One might assume that a self-proclaimed latinophile, who has traveled on and off the beaten path in Latin America, may have visited or at least been acquainted with the twice named ‘American Capital of Culture’ by the organization bearing its name, but shamefully, I resorted to Google.  

Merida can be summed up in three words: Architecture, Luxury and Culture. The capital of the Yucatan, just a few hours away from

Cancun is the peninsula’s center of commerce.  When the Spaniards conquered Merida in 1542, they discovered a Mayan settlement made of lime-mortared stone, reminding them of the Roman architecture in Merida, Spain.


I digress.

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