Bahia Fantasia Dominican Republic

Punta Cana has a top-notch family holiday resort.  Think Disney in the Caribbean and there you have

Bahia Fantasia. This resort has stirred up a theme-park atmosphere with a touch of circus whimsy, a dash of gourmet experiences, a pinch of Dominican culture and a dusting magical moments at every turn.  They have not left out any age group here at the resort.  Service is above par and to help bring your imagination to life, picture this; their Italian restaurant includes a sommelier and lively music. The family doesn’t have to worry about missing a show or wanting for entertainment while dining.  Every restaurant puts on more than a culinary show.  The buffets are artfully crafted to be a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. They take gastronomy very seriously here. There is a program entitled Master chef Jr. for the kids on property. The entire family should indulge in one the activities we found most captivating…chocolate making lessons!  The class was fun and informative and of course extremely tasty. Learn about the process from cacao to finished product.  There is a shop attached to the kitchen/classroom on property, so you’ll be able to take home more than you made.  The Mamajuana (a very Dominican, very strong, alcohol and herb concoction) with chocolate is an adults-only beverage but everyone can partake in everything else they have in store from soaps to the history and lessons and tastings. Everything is made by hand at the local chocolate factory, so indulge and remember that vacation calories don’t seem to count.


Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia strives to capture your attention and awaken your imagination. Garden Circus restaurant is chock full of jugglers and stilt walkers as you dine amidst tents and castles, satisfying all the senses, especially the ones connected to those happy childhood fantasies. It’s all inclusive so indulge and enjoy.  There are over a dozen dining options leaving very little you or the kids will be wanting for. One of our favorite evenings was spent at Restaurant Le Gourmet where we encountered the loveliest display, which is saying a lot, as each restaurant outdoes the other in their goal to captivate its diners. There were marshmallow pops and mini shopping carts filled with cassava chips. We can all remain kids at heart.  There are no rules against wine and marshmallows. We indulged in this whimsical mix and it’s not a bad combination. Ask for pairing advice when it comes time to select your wines on this one. Live out your fantasies, family-style in Punta Cana.

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