We should say beach bartender bar none. Guests at Panama’s Buenavantura Golf & Beach Resort are raving about one fabulous master mixologist, Miguel Diaz. Known for his carefully crafted cocktails and astounding entertainment. 

His hard work and passion landed him a spot to tour through Venezuela performing unforgettable tricks in the Cocktail Show for what are considered to be top liquor brands. Miguel’s spotlight was due to his ability to create an energetic show for his guests all while concocting drinks, on the spot, that highlighted their country of origin. The taste of each drink he creates gives you a glimpse of the experience he had in specific areas of a country be that fresh, tropical or soothing. 

Miguel’s passion and interest in perfecting his skills has taken him to numerous countries including Argentina where he studied brands such as Campari and Bacardi while working on his impressive tricks in Trendy, a popular bar in Argentina. His ability to captivate guests is attributed to his personality and the way he artfully crafts his cocktails and of course his unmistakable flair as a bartender. This combination grabbed the attention of the Gastronomic Club resulting in Miguel moving to Panama to work with them creating exquisite cocktails, and now he’s ours to enjoy on each and every visit.

As if the canal weren’t enough of a draw one to Panama, on a typical day at Buenaventura, you can find Miguel at the hotel’s casual spot Palapa Bar creating new cocktail recipes by incorporating local fresh ingredients such as passion fruit and locally distilled alcohol from sugar cane called “seco.”  One of his popular drinks representing Panama is Freshness of the Forest, inspired by his adventure in the cold mountains of Valley of Anton, located in the crater of an extinct volcano. This cocktail was crafted based on these mountains and its elements that create a feeling of freshness right when you reach the mountain.

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