Cancun For Grownups

We came to check out the bright blue waters and cool-to-the-touch powder white sand beaches along with the posh, modern, accommodations at Cancun’s JW Marriott. This is not, I repeat—not, the Cancun that comes to mind when thinking of spring break or some 90’s version of the Yucatan’s hot spot. This is Cancun for grownups. With that being said, there is much to be said to being young at heart. One way I maintain my youthful spirit is self-care; sometimes I call it self-love. You know what comes next, right? Me living my very best life at this resort. I mapped out my route to the spa before I even got my bags sent to my room.  Checking in at the Club 91 (located on the top floor of the hotel) set the tone for my stay. Bypassing the lobby/front desk experience somehow seemed to elevate my entrance experience. Here again, I did a little research on what my check-in experience would be. The club was billed as, “Inspired by the great pyramid of Kukulcán, Club 91 is an exclusive haven of luxury, combining the sophisticated tranquility of a private club with the first-rate services and amenities of a modern luxury Cancun resort.” I must say it did not disappoint.

My views from way up top were picture perfect. The lavish array of amenities, snacks, fresh cold-pressed juices and other goodies tore my attention away from the scenic views. I was smitten with this club experience, but the beach, the pool, the spa all awaited my presence and I hate to disappoint. Dashed to my room and my bag had been delivered. Like a whirlwind, I unpacked (only to get to my swimsuit) and off I went to the awaiting cabana. I thought I was fast, but when I arrived, my travel companions had beat me to the spacious beds, stocked with our pre-ordered picnic baskets and splits of Moët. Another stage set for perfection in paradise. We were so ready for this fantastic weekend of sophisticated Cancun fun. The day was brilliant and the beach vs. pool discussion went on throughout. With the pool to our backs and the azure sea at our toes, we were spoiled for choice. Time and time again, we decided on…both. This was our way of making adult decisions. We figured we would split our time dipping in and out of each body of water between sips of champagne and noshing on chocolate covered strawberries. Choices had to be made and we did the best we could. *smile*

After those fantastic options, we were headed to what is called a Four Hands dinner over at the Beachwalk Terrace. The evening was spent surprisingly close to where our cabanas had been. Coincidence or just knowing what we like? Regardless of the reason, this night was a delight. We had two of the resort’s top chefs preparing gourmet courses for us. Each course was paired with wines from across Mexico. This monthly concept had just launched and we were more than happy to be some of the very first guests to partake. Each course seemed to outdo the previous. My wines were sort of collecting beside me (gauche) as I was savoring every morsel of the meal and taking my time in sipping. I tried each of the wines, but ultimately could not land on a favorite as they all paired well with each dish. By the end of the evening, full of bubble, good food, great wine and super company, we retired for the evening, foregoing rounds of karaoke and vowing to reconnect at the spa in the morning.

This time I beat everyone to the punch as I got up early to get in a strong workout at the gym, just off the spa. I thought I would get in and out in no time, but with all the machines and equipment, I found myself working out for over an hour. Still beat them to the spa and had time to shower and hit the hot tub and cold plunge pools before my treatment. I went with the resort’s recommendation on a Mayan inspired massage. I think I may have drooled a little during the 50 minute decadent treatment.  I definitely fell asleep. When my masseuse ended the session, I was blissed out from head to toe, but in the back of my mind I was wondering if I snored or not. She was a pro and never even mentioned it.

After having zoned out, I needed to get my act together for a yachting experience. My happy place is being on the water, so I only needed to pull it together long enough to get dressed and into nautical mode. More champagne, a yacht and a sunny day were all the motivation I needed to get my on the boat headed for a private sail to Isla Mujeres. Every angle of this trip is a little bit different from past visits to Cancun. The scenery looked better. I wasn’t hankering to get out of any bar scene. In fact, when we returned to the hotel, got a little rest and then prepped for dinner at Rosa Negra (right across the street), we were told that we had a special treat in the lobby. We were to have a margarita tasting. That is correct; margarita tasting, not a tequila tasting. The hotel boasts 150 different kinds of margaritas as it is home to 150 different tequilas and is prideful about the “painstaking” task they undertook to craft the very best margaritas suited to each unique tequila. This was a smashing way to start/end the evening. We tasted only eight of the 150 and when we arrived at the very swanky Rosa Negra restaurant, I think the presence of fine tequilas was evident. Smiles were plastered on everyone’s face and a great meal and night was had by all. This was a great trip. This is the way to do Cancun, if you are a grownup. Meet me here this summer. I will be beach-side in a

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