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Surrounded by tropical gardens and breathtaking views, Occidental Punta Cana has a posh feel to it. Discover the essence of Punta Cana. The verdant greens punctuate the bright white two-story buildings. Soft rolling grass below, tall, swaying coconut palm trees above. The sense of place is unmistakable; you are in the Dominican Republic. Surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea as well as the pools that abound, you will float your way through your holiday. With all the aquatic exposure, it can be easy to forget about being in the tropics and what being in the sun all day can do. With 11 culinary outlets, hydration is the very least concern. We recommend fresh everything. You may want to stay active and refreshed by taking in some watersports or swimming up to the pool bar. Either way counts towards
burning calories. Here’s a personal tip: get to the fresh crepe station, open for all meals, and have yourself your choice of custom crepes. You will be happy you did. I was always partial to a fresh lemonade (read as mojito) along with a Nutella crepe. The combo sounds a bit odd, I know, but trust me when I say it’s pretty amazing.


Located on Punta Cana’s famous Bávaro Beach along a seemingly endless path of stunning white sand and vivid waters, this the all-inclusive resort packs a punch when it comes to relaxed beach holidays. The tranquil atmosphere and Spanish-style architecture combined with modern comforts that are ideal for either families or couples offer more than you would expect. Its three swimming
pools including one with a spectacular waterfall, and live music shows and Latin dance classes at the Mangú Club only begin to set the tone. There are tennis sessions and archery lessons for the not so faint of heart. Grab your travel partners and experience some good old fashioned fun in the sun. Here are some of our recommended water sports activities: windsurfing, water polo, scuba diving, snorkeling, and SNUBA. That’s where you sit on a cart-like contraption and your head is in a bubble full of air…
no certification needed, just a bit of courage. We like this resort for its amenities throughout, but one upgrade we highly recommend is to the royal level. Your room experience is just the start of this elevated experience. You’re going to have access to a dedicated check-in, concierge, and beach club. There’s no reason to take a basic holiday when you have choices like this at hand. We recommend staying here and experiencing Punta Cana.

Capture Essence

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