Carlisle Bay Antigua

In all my travels, I ‘ve seen some pretty amazing things, experienced all kinds of service and feasted on delicious cuisine. One of my very favorite things to do is travel beyond the beach. It’s the tagline of our magazine but it’s the essence of what we do and one of my passions. So, when I get to an island that has 365 beaches, there may seem to be very little else to do, right? Wrong.

Antigua is one of those islands that has always exuded the ever-elusive laidback, under the radar, vibe and Carlisle Bay is a great resort on the island from which to enjoy this lifestyle. In a few words, Carlisle is fantastic to live out those rich and famous holiday experiences. You really can let loose and enjoy the tranquil island experience here. Its classic style with a Caribbean twist always gives me the feeling of being completely pampered in an authentic environment. When they say they offer simple discreet luxury, there are no two ways about that.

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