Chasing the blues…

Every island stirs up different feelings and can awaken various senses in those who visit. The question often gets asked, “Which island should I go to?” which often leads to an inquisitive response. Although we all know we shouldn’t answer a question with a question, it really does depend on what you’re looking for or want to get out of the trip. That’s why the diversity of the Caribbean makes it so rich and exciting. This trip to Anguilla we set out to chase the blues. Not your humdrum sort of blues but a more vibrant set of those hues. It’s something everyone should try, at least once. Of course Anguilla has brilliant properties strewn along cliffs and sandy beaches. The famed Viceroy with its exceptional service and reputation is always a standout, then there’s the fresh new look given to the classic -Malliouhana but there are so many wonderful choices that this journey, we decided to focus on the thing that frames the island and puts it into focus for this go round.

The sea, a palette of blues that stays with you, buffers the island.  An inescapable color or rather, set of colors, that words fall short of capturing, so we will let the pictures do the talking. Well, most of the talking.  The island is only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide, so unless you are set on staring down the long end of the land without diverting your eyes for a second, or looking up, and your peripheral vision is not what it once was, then you are bound to be drawn in by the blues. Give in to the fact that you are on the island paradise of Anguilla and here the only blues you should feel are the warm waters of the Caribbean. A major ingredient in our Anguilla recipe for chasing the blues lies off shore and Tradition Sailing has a classic West Indian sloop that skims you along this intoxicating liquid. From shades of baby blue to the deeper depths of inky indigo, while sipping champagne, stopping to snorkel, or simply cruising along the island, it’s a defining ingredient necessary in chasing the blues. Get up and on it and try to chase it down with the assistance of the wind. To hasten the chase, a powerboat around the island can kick things up a notch take in views of luxury villas that appear to dangle off its edge. Those villas deliberately perched to feel the blues every day of the year.

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