Fine Jamaican Rum

Plantations were the economic staple of many Caribbean islands in the 1700s. The majestic sugar cane plantations were the origins of world-famed rum and provided the major source of income for Barbados, Jamaica, and Santo Domingo. Today, there are actual working plantations for travelers to visit. Many have been transformed into historical tour sites and others provide visitors with the hospitality of an elegant guest house vacation. For anyone who may have the finances on-hand, there is a popular trend to own one of these Caribbean properties. Upcoming issues will feature some of these plantations and the rich rums that they have produced. Here’s a quickie recipe to whet the appetite. We’ve named it Jahraski’s Jewel, after the award winning, bartender extraordinaire, Jahraski Young, who mixes up the flavors with a delightful tropical punch. No pun intended.


Jahraski’s Jewel


Combine in shaker

3 ounces Light Rum

3 ounces Overproof White Rum

3 ounces Orange Juice

3 ounces Pineapple Juice

½ ounce Grenadine Syrup

1 ounce Lemon/Lime Juice


Shake well and refrigerate

Just before serving

Shake well and serve over ice

Garnish with skewered wedges of pineapple and orange, topped with a cherry

Casually arrange on the rim of a glass


Final touches

Top with a shot of Chris Blackwell’s Black Gold dark rum, allowing the amber color to slowly trickle through this fine jewel of a drink


“Sip” back and enjoy this gem of a drink while awaiting the unveiling of the latest rum label from Chris Blackwell in the next issue.

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