Getting Chic-y in Negril

We know the beach is exquisite, and the food next door at Island Luxe isa culinary journey around the island without leaving the strand of pristine sand, but staying chic in this bohemian patch of the island can be tricky.

Karisma, Azul Beach Jamaica

Try spending a few nights at the self-proclaimed, “…one of the top five-star luxury resorts on Jamaica’s world-famous Seven Mile Beach.”

You’ll be seeing this part of the island from a very different point-of-view. The sultry curves of the pools, the lap at the base of every building on the newest side of the resort will have you doing the backstroke to grab your next tropical drink. That’s if you don’t want to bask in the sun while sipping that drink on the sand. There’s an exclusive beach section, within this newer, exclusive, adults-only, part of the beach. It screams exclusive from the stations delineating the area to the attendants who will guide you to or from your beach chair or cabana.

Tips for getting your fill of Negril while remaining true to your chic vibes:

  • Take a spa day
  • Grab a private yoga class
  • Hit the gym
  • Grab a couples dinner on the beach
  • Take a private boat ride along the coastline of the country
  • Capture the moment with a professional photoshoot

Negril is shabby-chic on a whole, and this resort aims to take the shabby right out of the equation.

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