Imagining in Barbados

Imagining in Barbados

By Peta Phipps

As the name may infer cobblers Cove is not what you think it is. It has nothing to do with shoemaking and very little to do with masonry. When I speak of masonry the only thing that comes to mind at this Hotel is the antiquity of its architecture. The rotund(esque) features of its main building are a seeming anomaly to a non-architect. When gazing upon the pink buildings that house the hotels 40 suites, I am reminded of its history as a former plantation house and laser an affluent families weekend getaway home. With all this history you think the name had something to do with a part of it. The name cobblers cold is actually derived from the name of the frigate bird. Yes, the frigate bird’s other name is the cobbler bird. Fancy, eh? I love learning these little twists about gorgeous properties.

The understated luxury of the property, encapsulated by lush tropical foliage, edging pristine lawns and footpaths, is what draws guessing upon arrival. The service is on par with that of a luxurious getaway from an era long since forgotten…yet maintained here. Hotels such as this one have a high rate of repeat guests and staff retention, making is a win win for both guests and employee. With the half of a mile of dedicated white sand beach just steps away from the pool, I immediately knew I had the best of both worlds. Lunch by the pool served by the Camelot restaurant had to be tried from day one. Remembering that my mother has always said but I can’t get into the water until at least half an hour has passed since my last meal, I willingly lay by the pool pro solid hour and forty-five 45 minutes, just to ensure I didn’t go swimming and wind up with a cramp. Not all mothers are scientists, but all of them seem to be right. So, I listen well. Since Barbados is blessed with what seems to be the perpetual summer, I ordered a frozen drink as I lounged and listened under the sun. I wouldn’t want the attentive service of the staff to go on utilized, nor do I count a Piña colada is needing digestive rest. So, I sit and I enjoy my wait before slipping into the cooling waters of the swimming pool, the size of which is just as intimate as the size of the hotel itself.

Caribbean comfort and style coupled with Colonial elegance is the best description I have heard of this hotel and I tend to agree. It is very easy to keep your eyes wide open and imagine the original family frolicking around the place and having company over. Signature pink, visible from stem to stern as a bit of whimsy, making bad imaginary picture almost comes to life. I don’t know that a hoop skirts were a thing in the Caribbean back in the mid 1900’s, but long white Cotton tiered dresses come to mind. You know the ones that you see in old photographs the ground of ladies wearing them and carrying a parasol. Tell me I’m not the only one. You come down here and check it out for yourself. There’s so much to do just around the property, from snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, sailing and couch-tubing plus a ton of more activities on and under the water. You may never want to leave and explore all the other things that Barbados has to offer. As hard as it may be to pull yourself away from the offerings on Camelot’s menu or the soft sand of the beach at the hotel, get out for a day or two and explore some of the best the island has to offer. Not to worry, the team at the hotel will be waiting to welcome you back home and as the sun sets (often looking like a coconspirator with the resort) to match the pinks of the hotel or compete with them. Grab a glass of your favorite wine or a glass of champagne and wish a fond farewell to another day in paradise. I often did so from my Oceanview patio, lounging on my tropical print chaise and, once again, imagining myself as one of those fabulous ladies who galivanted on the shores of this lovely hotel. By the end of my stay, I was no longer using my imagination but more than happy with the current level of comfort, service and hospitality here at Cobblers. This new era is exactly where I want to be. Coe experience the modern, hip edge to this classic hotel.

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