Le Blanc Cancun

This is where you stay when you’ve decided that being a grownup isn’t all about formality like your grandparents defined the word.  This is where you vacation when you’ve learned that you deserve the very best in being pampered. The white sand and baby blue waters offset the fine dining, butler service and other amenities offered at Le Blanc. It is instantly obvious why they have dubbed this an AWE-inclusive experience. Through the all-white lobby, one of the infinity edge pools pulls on the strings of your (yet) unpacked bathing suit. The staff gracefully orchestrates a check-in process that is more akin to a warm greeting than anything else at all.  There’s even a moment when a warm, aromatherapy cushion is placed around your shoulders as you sip on your chilled coconut infusion, delivering a creamy thirst-quenching welcome to your palate, melting away the very last bit of stress that may have accompanied you on the short 25-minute ride from the airport. Like magicians, they make almost all your cares disappear. I say almost because you will soon be caring deeply about which spa treatment to choose and later that evening, which pillow choice to make from the inviting pillow menu. Wellness is something taken seriously at the resort. This takes away absolutely nothing from the copious amounts of fun to be had. There are green juices at your disposal as well as your favorite cocktails from around the world. There is no shortage of pampering and indulgence at Le Blanc, there are only offering here that you may not encounter anywhere else. Stay centered or sway a little with the palms, you’re in great hands here. Don’t believe me? Just ask your butler to draw you a bath of your choosing and you’ll think again.


We didn’t leave the resort once during our stay.  Most of our time was spent ambling from pool to pool, with spells spent in our beachside cabana and dips in the Caribbean Sea. The hammock had some sort of captivating spell over my friend and there would be long stretches where all I could see were toes and a book jacket. With no kids on property, the buzz was made by our peers living it up and indulging in style. Staying for four days seemed too short, so before leaving, we managed to book ourselves in for a week this spring. With warm memories to hold us over through this winter, March will be here soon enough. Come stay and let us know what you think and if you managed to pry yourself away from the 80 minute Kukulcan signature massage.

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