Lessons learned in Martinique

Travel is so fulfilling on so many different levels, and for each of us, it represents a variety of things: It can satisfy a need to escape our everyday reality, become a porthole into another way of life, or so many other things.  The one thing that holds true, no matter the reason for the trip, is that we grow from each experience. On this adventure, I set a deliberate intention to learn and grow by enrolling in French class.  Certainly, the French I took all those years ago was hiding in my brain simply waiting to spring back to the forefront. Well, I set out to see how deeply buried it was and breathe some life back into it.

I could have chosen from a variety of destinations, but being an island girl and loving the Caribbean as I do, I chose the French school in Martinique called France Langue.  Before I departed, I pulled together some information on places I remembered from my visit to the island last year.  It’s such a manageable island in the sense that it’s big enough to get lost but friendly enough that you never will, even if your French is a bit rusty.

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