Mexico Lindo Cooking

All the colors of Mexico  come bursting into life in the midst of a jungle on the Yucatan Peninsula. As we approached The most authentic Mexican cooking experience in Riviera Maya, the lush tropical jungle setting gave way to vivid pinks, bright yellows, Mexican tiles and as if under a Shaman’s spell, a gorgeous (well-equipped) kitchen came into focus. Chef Alejandra Kauachi takes students on a culinary trip throughout Mexico. Her classes are designed for the serious foodie and gourmands. The preparation of each course of the meal is accompanied by interesting facts and stories of its origin in this eclectic country. The states of Mexico proudly carry traditions and distinctive flavors that depict their unique standing in the tapestry that makes up the country.

We popped in for a full day class but plan to return for one of chef’s culinary trips. This experience is bound to take everything we learned in a full day, to the next level. These start from breakfast and pupils cook every step of the way, from snacks to meals. The trips range in length and attendance. My next experience will be the four night culinary experience. I think the seven night will need to happen in 2020, once I have digested the knowledge shared in my first two experiences. Between cooking techniques and preparation tips and history lessons about the country, pacing myself will be key. We prepared tamales, cooked pork on an open fire, controlling temperature y merely moving the pot around the coals. The outdoor kitchen experience was one of my favorites. Inside, we had assistants, top-of-the-line equipment and brilliantly colored dishes to plate our creations. The outside setting was vividly painted walls of yellow and pink under a thatched roof, with the flora of the jungle offset by the gravel driveway. This magical scenery was a perfect backdrop to the amazing meal I still cannot fathom co-creating.

The smoke wafts away, between the thatch and the jungle, leaving behind the aromas of what’s to come. The table gets set and the dishes slowly arrive, as a tequila is poured alongside a traditional punch, served in terracotta cups. There is no denying that this is the real deal. This experience, although touched by me, was as authentic as I would receive when visiting a Mexican home. Chef Alejandra Kauachi prides herself in delivering such an experience. From the freshest ingredients to the slow cooking methods of a home-cooked meal, Mexico Lindo Cooking has it ready to share with you. Experience a true taste of Mexico and travel beyond the beach by partaking in one of these culinary journeys. This fun-filled, educational (without even trying to be) experience is mind-altering without the use of Shamanism, only creative participation with a lot of giggles.

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