New & Noteworthy Fall 2019

This fall, New & Noteworthy pauses to recognize The Bahamas. The Bahamian government has expressed that along with sending aid, another way to help the country recover is to continue tourism. Even when nature summons the beastly reality of the devastating power that can be unleashed in paradise, it is resorts like the new Caerula Mar Club that stand strong and weather the storm, as if by magic. We are then reminded of the beauty and resilience of the Caribbean and its people. This hidden gem that went unscathed seems to certainly have kismet. Discovered by the couple from House of Bryan and Bryan Inc., the HGTV Canada series, Canadians were able to view the miraculous transformation of the abandoned hideaway from the comfort of their homes. The show chronicled the reimagining of the destination, after the couple stumbled across it while vacationing in South Andros. The visionary duo created spaces that ensured the pristine powder white sand and turquoise
sea would always be visible by fashioning open-living and sleeping areas. The Bryans’ commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious tourism is evident throughout the resort.

With only 18 oceanfront suites and six private villas, nestled on 10 acres of lush tropical landscape, guests will feel one with nature while indoors or lounging in outdoor hammocks. A stroll along meandering meditation paths, may lead to one of the three on-site dining establishments. The resort’s appeal for guests to relax and unwind, has equal draw to the destination’s spectacular diving and snorkeling at the famed coral reefs, or even an exhilarating boating or fishing expedition.

The owners are pleased to announce that because the boutique resort was untouched by the recent storms, its December debut remains on schedule. So, head down and lend a helping hand by staying at the soon to be unveiled gem on South Andros the Caerula Mar Club

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