Off the Map in Nevis

Seaside shacks serve drinks and conch at lounge chairs scattered like seashells. We park at the modest pier that points to my destination on the horizon: Nevis. From here I can see Mount Nevis; there always seems to be a halo of clouds resting atop the mountain like a crown. The sun on my face is a welcome break from the day of travel, and as I await my boat, I enjoy watching someone attempt to take flight with a water-propelled jet pack.

My water taxi soon arrives and the captain helps me aboard. I ask how long the ride is and he hands me a Carib beer, saying, “About that long.” Sounds just fine to me! The engines kick in and I take a seat to watch the show as our wake cuts through the sea and the beach disappears from view. I sip the beer and feel the wind on my face: This is definitely the best taxi ride from an airport I’ve ever had.


A driver greets me at the dock on tiny Nevis, where we step onto the sand of the island’s lone “port.”  We drive along the coast past an airport with a scenic oceanfront runway and plenty of grazing area for the local goats. Driving along the jagged cliffs I see signs reading “monkey crossing,” and we pass a pack of donkeys – I am truly away from it all!

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