On Winding bay…

On Winding bay…

Sounds like the start of a limerick:

There once was a resort in Abaco

the sorts of which many never know

Set upon white sand

Find guests with beer in hand

Golf clubs, and yacht and never snow

Let me get back to writing and relax on waxing poetic. There really is a place on a pristine bay known as The Abaco Club on Winding Bay. When I hear the word club in the name of a place, the hairs on my arms tend to stand up a bit. We are in such an era of inclusivity and the connotation seems so exclusive, and not always in the best of ways. When I arrived, my preconceived notions of what club life at this Bahamian out island resort were washed away, as all preconceived notions should be. It’s easier here in the Out Islands of the Bahamas, for things to be washed away… with water so clear and inviting. Flying in you notice that above all, the pristine waters that surround these dots of sandy ground are captivating and draw you in well before touching down.

This Island seemed to be one of the more “outer” Islands of the Out Islands, even though it was only 28 minutes flight from Miami. As we journeyed from airport to resort on a bumpy, sometimes gravel road, I felt as though I were in the middle of nowhere. That was until I saw the entrance to the Abaco Club on Winding Bay. The reception area where, my personalized golf cart awaited, was a glass encased showroom where I was given the keys to make sweet and a guide whom followed in my cart to those accommodations. It was a fun little ride to the suite which was one of four “cottages” , clustered across a golf cart path from the beach. Cottages were painted in whimsical colors. Mine was a soft pink, next door was a baby blue cottage and only a few feet further there was an adorable light green one. These accommodations we’re fine but not exactly what the concept of this property is all about. I definitely call these entry level places to stay when considering this property.

I say this because in the morning, I was treated to a full tour of the surrounding homes and villas. Those showstoppers are the real reason the club exists. There are homes perched upon cliffs, elevated above the sea for the best views this island has to offer. These were the reason for my visit. People come here to build a home, albeit typically a second or third one. I love the fact that I would be so close to the US and still living the island life and all the benefits that come along with that. The fun on the water, which only starts with the view. The ever-green golf course that they manicure to perfection and the nonstop  balmy breeze are constant reminders that you are now living on island time. Who would ever argue with that blissful fact? The ever present breeze and resort amenities that every homeowner has access to make this piece of Bahamian paradise irresistible.

Down at Flippers, where my two favorite bartenders tend to my happiness, is where I found myself on a regular basis throughout the day. I figure this would be. One of the top resort amenities I availed myself of if I built a home here.  Theresa and Max are so full of love and life and they infuse those vibes into every tropical cocktail they whip up. It’s pure joy being around either of these two. When their shifts just so happen to overlap…that’s when pure magic happens, so get ready for that treat. Combining relaxed luxury with authentic Bahamian experiences is what The Abaco Club has accomplished. I am sure it is similar to what they set out to do, but pure magic like this can’t be concocted. It happens when the stars align and the dream meets the reality at the intersection of design and desire. We love it here. Grab a lot, a yacht and settle in. Spend days lazing around the house or putting on the course, but then get out and about and visit the lighthouse, the one that’s pretty historic. It’s the last remaining hand-cranked, hand-lit, kerosene lighthouse on the planet. Can’t make this stuff up. After a hike to the top, on its spiraling staircase, winding through its pink walls, you’ll take in a view that can only be seen from this antiquities wraparound balcony. From there you’ll see it all and then want to get back on the water and see it all again. Head to Firefly and rehash the sightings and giggle over some great food and drink. At the end of the day, you’ll be heading home, just across the water to Winding bay, back home to The Abaco Club. This is island life. It’s hard to beat. Leave a light on, I may pop in for a visit.



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