Pink Sands Club

Owning an private island may just be the most prestigious claim a person can make. Imagine flying on your own jet to a remote location in the Caribbean, to sitting on a white sand beach, swimming in turquoise blue water and enjoying top notch golf; all the while wining and dining on haute cuisine and luxurious libations. A place where the people always smile, the juice is always fresh squeezed, and the only mode of transportation is a golf cart. Although anything is possible these days, for those of us not in the same income bracket as Richard Branson, a trip to Pink Sands Club on the island of Canouan might just be the next best thing.


Canouan Island is one of the Grenadine Islands nestled just twenty-five miles south of the capital St. Vincent, and is part of the Lesser Antilles that act as the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Just three square miles in area with a population of less than two thousand people, it’s about as remote as you can get, while still maintaining the convenience of an airport.

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