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We are just back from popping in to Island Lux Beach Park in Negril, the newest place in the sun to be and be seen. The beach park has something for everyone. With an expanse of beach dedicated to this lively, family-friendly, experiential and dining venue, visitors can take a culinary journey around Jamaica, all on this one strip of sand. Authentic jerk (prepared as it should be…billowing smoke in the face and all), Ital food, a tea shop along with dried herbs (the legal sort) and spices, a seafood experience and a few other tasty treats await your arrival. Think “land of wood and water” when you visit. That is, indeed, where Jamaica gets its name. Originally called Xaymaca by the Arawak Indians, meaning land of wood and water, the essence of Jmaica is just that. With all the fantastic hotels around the island,

one can often lose sight of Jamaica’s roots. Not here. As you step on the sand and take your first glimpse of Island Lux, there’s an immediate sense of place and fun. There’s no place like Jamaica and Island Lux was designed to deliver this genuine Jamaican experience. The plates are made of wood. The place is made of wood! The beach park was designed around the existing trees (also made of wood) deliberately maintaining its natural flow to the sea. Looking past the foliage and the delicious food on your plate, you see the other half of the meaning of the island’s original name, Xaymaca, the water. Out there is where you can challenge yourself or each other to watersports of all sorts. There’s an island of inflatable trampolines and climbing walls and motorized toys for goofing in the bright blue water of the Caribbean sea. Working up an appetite for fun in the sun and real Jamaican food is easy and easily satisfied here at Island Lux. We love the three pound, fresh caught, crab, but come pick your favorite spot on the sand and hop on social media and let us know which part of the Island Lux experience was your favorite. www.islandluxbeachparkja.com

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