Puerto Rico – From Unthinkable to Unsinkable

The year was 2017…the year that a storm came to the shores and mountains and valleys of this rich port and impacted its people, but did not define them. The year that definition started to take shape was 1493, when Christopher Columbus came ashore. This is when the island’s natural beauty and richness began to beckon others to its coasts and verdant lands. The typography of this Caribbean paradise made it so desirable and its new, stronger and more resilient bloodline, of Spanish, African, and indigenous Taíno and Carib Indian races that shared the island made it such an attractive part of the New World that over the years numerous unsuccessful attempts were made by the French, Dutch, and English to conquer the island. October 2017 proved to be another one of those unsuccessful efforts of an external force attempting to conquer this bastion and its people…to no avail.

Puerto Rico is rebuilding and we know that since our most recent visit, the island and its resort offerings, are about to come back with a flare and style that only Puerto Ricans can produce and exude. Plan to see what they are preparing to unveil in 2018 and beyond.

An affordable classic, the Caribe Hilton, is all about location and hip cool lobby offerings. Old San Juan is a walkable distance from the hotel and the culturally rich Condado area of the city of San Juan.  Guests can design their vacations around these two major draws to the city or take in the hotel’s beach, pools, lagoon for watersports and dining options.  The location won’t let you simply sit back and let Puerto Rico pass you by though.  Here at Caribe Hilton, the chef captures the flavors and textures of the island in his charming Chef’s Table dinner for four.  If being in the kitchen isn’t your style, take it outside and where he does jaw-dropping presentation in his private cabana dinner, served seaside on evenings that guests reserve this intimate gastronomic option.  Picture yourself in a romantic cabana enjoying the elevation of not only the cuisine but that of being slightly above the sea.  This venue gives a perspective on the sunset that can only be enjoyed from a vantage point such as this semi-secluded perch.

When the lapping of the waves and the caress of the breeze have been fully appreciated, there is the draw to socialize with some of the other guests or friendly staff in Caribar for rums and light tapas.  It’s easy here. The location and the people make a stay at this hotel very enjoyable and the great news is that checking into an oceanfront room will not break the bank and will let you plan a vacation where you can explore and enjoy the island, as you should on any good vacation. If being on this part of the island is your plan, the Caribe Hilton is a top choice. The hotel also has sister properties, not too far away, that also afford you the benefits this hotel offers.  A great choice for families is their Embassy Suites hotel.  We all know that this brand is famous for their grand atrium views, two room suites, and all the amenities a family that travels together needs. There’s beach access with chairs and umbrellas just a short walk away from the hotel. Spend a few days reconnecting with the kids at this spot and then head over to Condado Plaza where space and location are on tap.

At the Condado Plaza Hilton, you are even closer to Old San Juan than you were when staying at the Caribe Hilton.  The breathtaking hotel views of the Atlantic Ocean are enough to keep you seated on your balcony for several sunrises and sunsets. If you can pry yourself away from those scenes and set your sites on a visit to the old city, you are within a comfortable stroll to take it all in.  Maybe a quick morning run past the gym and the fort to get the heart pumping and the calories burned in advance of an afternoon of sipping and snacking around town and then back at the hotel for one of the many dining options.

Unsinkable Puerto Rico at your fingertips and without breaking the bank.  Take your pick and get ready to enjoy this newly envisioned and revitalized Caribbean island destination.




Revisit Puerto Rico and rediscover the resilience of this unsinkable island and its people. Reimagined, the unthinkable has created new possibilities and due solely to that Boriqua spirit, Puerto Rico is awaiting your rediscovery.

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