A Romantic Rendezvous In St. Lucia

Couples get in on the Caribbean island love found only in St. Lucia. This place is old school sexy. One of the very first things you see upon arrival at Rendezvous are chandeliers hanging from the gigantic tree on the front lawn of the resort. The layout of the resort gives a fairytale feeling to romantic vacations. Their tagline is all about taking advantage of your time together and they give you every opportunity to do just that. Stolen time is woven into all aspects of the vacation experience they want you to have at this resort. Take nothing for granted and take advantage of this luxurious getaway with your partner in life and love.

Walking from the spa back to your suite in bathrobes doesn’t feel awkward at all. The relaxed feel of the lush tropical property is a haven for all things spontaneously romantic. Couples massages are only one activity that the resort prides itself on as a stolen moment together. There are romantic gazebo dinners, sunset boat trips, after-dinner strolls on the crescent beach and an exclusive champagne bar with nightly tastings. It’s as though they’ve set out to, and accomplished, make couples enjoy the very best romantic holiday they can.

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