Sails Up in Antigua

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he world-class regatta, Sailing Week, anchors in the heart of the West Indies: Antigua. With good reason, given the combination of historic legacy and modern luxury that the mega-yachts and destination alike offer.

I arrive at English Harbour and the new South Point Resort, steps from the cafés and nightlife encircling the bay, yet serenely nestled into its own hillside hideaway. Resting on the edge of the harbor, the property’s first and most striking aspect is, of course, the view. Upon entering the open-air lobby, I gaze straight through the chic lounge area out to the water where mega-yachts and sailboats dot the skyline like white caps on the ocean. I’ve never seen so many boats all at once, yet learn that this isn’t even half of what’s expected at the regatta… when the number of boats might outnumber the fish!

A boutique hotel comprising several independent buildings, South Point provides the utmost privacy for each unique unit ranging from apartment-sized accommodations to penthouse suites. The handful of small buildings hug the hillside overlooking the sparkling bay-front pool, private beach and pier.

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“So I wound up at a beachfront, toes-in-the-sand restaurant owned and operated by Guy Ferdinand, also known as CHEF HOT PANTS!”

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            My luxurious suite on the second story boasts a full European-style kitchen, living room and spacious bedroom all pouring out to the oversized balcony with a panoramic view of the harbor. Stepping outside I have to stop and simply soak in the sight – from the countless ships straight ahead to the rolling hillside and mountains overseeing us all.  An extravagant fruit platter of local treats greets me with a rainbow of colors, but I have to be vigilant as a brightly-coated yellow bird not so innocently chirps on the railing.

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