Sleeping with artists

Let me clarify, before things get out of hand. You’ll not really be sleeping with Helen or Brice Marden but rather among their art and curated designs of their charming hotels. It’s about as close as one can decently get without receiving a slap.

Brice Marden, known mainly as a minimalist, has works on display in such esteemed places as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art from Boston University and a Master of Fine Art from Yale’s School of Art and Architecture. Although those names and titles being dropped may lead one to believe that his hotels are for those who turn their noses up at things and raise a pinky as they sip tea, nothing could be farther from the truth. My experience at both The Hotel Tivoli in New York’s Hudson Valley and Golden Rock Inn in Nevis were rather far flung from such snooty and cold perceptions. Brice has a background that many artists, and non-artists, would envy. Inspired by meeting folks like Bob Dylan and such things as Chinese calligraphy and Taoist philosophy, he is a man whose work is hard to categorize. Helen Marden, his wife, an artist in her own right, whose works reflect fluidity in her strokes, can also not easily be placed in a particular grouping. It seems the couple’s eclectic style and a leaning toward minimalism spilled over into their hotels

“Golden Rock has not LOOKED THIS SEXY IN YEARS. It’s now the kind of spot you escape to with your hippest friends and sip cocktails by the pool or under the giant tree.”

Having homes in New York and Greece and being obviously well traveled, St. Barths had been a regular haunt of theirs when it came to things Caribbean. St. Barths being, well, St. Barths…Helen eventually wanted out of the scene and thought of exploring other islands in the stream. That’s when the pair discovered Golden Rock Inn. The 200-year-old former sugar plantation is located halfway up the southeastern slope of Mount Nevis. Dramatic enough?

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