Soaking Up Riviera Maya

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It’s not often that the words all-inclusive and luxury go together. Unico Riviera Maya is one of those rare times.

Story by Leslie K. Hughes

Upon walking into the door you feel as if you walked into a zen paradise. The decor immediately grabs your attention in the best of ways. Inspired by the area of Riviera Maya, every little detail of decor at this resort is worth noting. What’s also worth noting is that many of the pieces are natural and handmade, and were sourced locally. Wide-open spaces, white walls decorated with simple yet stunning pieces, and all the subtleties of modern design that “wow” you. In short, you will wish that your home looked like this. Thankfully, for the duration of your vacation, this place will be home, so get ready to make yourself comfortable.

UNICO Aerial view

Relishing in comfort is easy to do here with all the amenities at your fingertips and the cashmere-soft, sparkling white sand right outside your door. This adults-only luxury offers everything you need to make your Mexican vacation the getaway of your dreams. From the unique pools to the holistic spa, from the wellness center to the exquisite dining options, you will be in awe at how an all-inclusive resort has created such a luxurious experience.

Alcoba Balcony

Somewhat new to the resort scene in Riviera Maya, Unico opened its doors four years ago and since then has welcomed guests from all over the world to soak in all the sunshine of the hotel. Life feels better here. The food tastes better, the drinks are more enjoyable, relaxation is easier to achieve (and feels much better), and happiness is everywhere. And we aren’t the only ones who think so. Unico has made quite a mark on Riviera Maya and the word has gotten out that this is the all-inclusive resort to experience. The tasteful designs that scream “modern” in the most luxurious way set this resort apart from many others in the area. Yet you still know you’re in Riviera Maya. The way the resort has incorporated local decor into its unique and modern design is something worth noting.

Spa Shared Hydrotherapy

Speaking of design, the pool options at Unico are unparalleled. Many resorts leave everyone crowding into one or two pools but at Unico, that is not a concern. Pool life here is grand, and there is plenty to go around. With a number of pools scattered throughout the property offering a variety of unique seating options, you may find yourself opting to hang by the pool rather than explore the beautiful waters of the Caribbean just steps away. Music that has you tapping your feet, but also feeling relaxed is the ideal addition to the pool experience at Unico. And on the weekends enjoy a DJ spinning modern music that will put you in full vacation mode.

Unico Pool Evening

All That’s Included

All-inclusive means all the food and drinks that your little heart desires, but at Unico it means so much more. It’s more than unlimited Pina Coladas by the pool. It’s more than trying almost everything on the dinner menu. Here, it means your entire experience. From the delicious morning macchiato at Inez Cafe to the Mexican morsels at Cueva Seite and beyond, all-inclusive here feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It feels as if you should be paying top-dollar for everything you indulge in, but guess what? You don’t have to. Leave your wallet in your room and enjoy all the finer things in life at Unico.

CuevaSiete_Fish Tacos

It’s difficult to determine what the finest things are at Unico, but the restaurants may take the cake. The dining experience here is unlike any other all-inclusive resort. No bland food that has been sitting out for hours, no dishes that you take one bite of and push away. Instead, you’ll find yourself figuring out how to stop eating everything delicious that’s coming your way. The quality of the food is a very pleasant surprise and the options ensure that you never have to eat the same thing twice unless you want to! Chef Xacier Perez Stone deserves a spotlight for the heaven he’s created at Cueva Siete. Using authentic flavors and local foods, Chef Xavi’s dishes bring a whole new life to the dinner plate with fresh flavors that will have your tastebuds screaming for more.

Mi Carisa-oven

Enjoy the tastes of the Mediterranean at Mi Carisa. Here your favorite Italian dishes come to life with a bit of Unico flair in a romantic setting that is made even more wonderful with the perfect wine pairing. If Asian foods are your thing, you will love Mura House’s focus on Japanese cuisine with teppanyaki, yakitori, and sushi.

MuraHouse_Apancado Rolls

For beachside eats that offer up the greatest views of all, head to 20.87 Restaurant. From a morning buffet to a classic evening grill, 20.87 offers a variety of food throughout the day, making this your go-to spot anytime you get a craving. Sit in the swings at the entrance and spin yourself right round into tropical paradise.

Restaurant 2087

Soak up the Spa

Beaches and pools are great, but when you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation, the spa is where you’ll find it. Unico’s full service spa promises to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit with its wide range of treatment options, including the Volcanic Massage. This signature treatment uses smooth stones to help heal your body’s tension and stress. If this doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t worry — there are plenty of other treatments to choose from on the spa menu. The hydrotherapy is not to be missed, and your body will thank you for taking it through the hot and cold to come out on the other end feeling like a completely new person.

Spa Hydrotherapy Interior

Relax in the Room

Unico’s standard room, the Alcoba, is anything but standard. With either an ocean or pool view, each room features an outdoor spa tub that is the place to watch the sunset. The decor of the room aligns with the rest of the resort’s modern beauty, and the sliding barn bathroom door makes for a nice touch. Showers feel so much better in this rain shower that also has a hand shower to make washing off the beach sand easier.

Spa Pool

Upgrade to the Alcoba Swim-Up for your own swim-up pool with the same stunning views. You can take things even further by enjoying one of Unico’s suites that offer living rooms, expanded terraces, and much more. No matter what room you’re in, you’ll feel the ultimate level of comfort and luxury.

Swim up_outside

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway in a stunning place that will leave your mind and body feeling refreshed, book your trip to Unico today.

Spa view looking to co-ed area

When on vacation, it’s inevitable that you will feel relaxed. However, when you’re at Unico, the level of relaxation you’ll achieve is far more than you expect. Going home won’t be easy, but you’ll find yourself making plans to return as soon as possible. And until then, the memories and plethora of photos will get you through.

Unico Riviera Maya

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