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The daunting task of finding some of the Caribbean’s most unique spas falls on our shoulders. Thankfully, they are kneaded and well-oiled for the task at hand.

This season, one of our favorites is the Wayak Spa. This beauty is in the Viceroy Riviera Maya, so you know it’s going to be fabulous!
Our decision-making process in selecting just the right Spa Uncommon for our readers includes a lengthy list of criteria. Most commonly for our uncommon features, we look for the spa’s setting. We look for unique treatments that incorporate local/native ingredients, and several other factors. The feeling of tranquility that washes over us upon entering the very best of these spa experiences are what motivate us to share them with you.

Tea Amenity

Wayak Spa at Viceroy Riviera Maya immerses guests in authentic, indigenous rituals and experiences of rejuvenation and well-being. Here’s one that caught our attention because, who doesn’t want to know they’re on the right path to love?

The Xaman-Ek (Love Ritual) is an 80 Minute experience  that you will definitely fall in love with. The Mayans believed that the southern star guided the footsteps of those on to the path to love, understanding, harmony and abundance. In this treatment, you’ll want to allow yourself to be pampered side by side with someone you care about. It begins with a foot ritual, followed by a relaxing massage  with unique essences of love to balance the chakras. Immerse yourself in their healing herbal bath, a tub made from a black Zapote tree. With all of this stimulation, you can let the therapists create the magic, as they leave you meditating the Mayan words that will be written in your hearts forever. This couple’s experience is sure to enrich the love between the two of you. On your second visit to the spa, you guys can try the 90 minute couples treatment and go for the Mayan ceremony.

Sweet Honey and Rain Massage

Spas aren’t always a joint affair and sometimes we just want  to stretch and work out all the kinks. For this, we like the Akbal (Invigorating Massage).

Focus on yourself for 80 Minutes!

For this ancestral Mayan technique, a rebozo is used, in a movement denominated “Manteada” or blanket stretching as the traditional Mayan women did to adjust the posture and elongate muscles. It’s an invigorating and therapeutic experience that improves flexibility. Ancestrally, this treatment reconnected Mayan women with those who had gone before them and you might find the realignment to something from your past.  Regardless of treatment, you can’t really go wrong here. The spa bases it’s treatments off of Mayan traditional practices, using this ancient culture to reconnect guests to their inner being and well-being. The healing powers
of the jungle come full-circle at Wayak Spa. Inspired by the lush greenery and bright white sands that create their shoreline, the Mayan-inspired treatment rooms overlook  waterfalls and provide the natural healing sound of water. You will want to share time with your loved one in their  exclusive Spa Suite, if you indulge in one of the mentioned unique couple’s treatment. You can take our advice or get
creative and design your spa experience to suit you while  discovering the mysticism of the Mayan culture. This is truly a spa uncommon. Come experience their  rituals and treatments and leave revived, relaxed and refreshed.



The spa takes guests even deeper into the mystical healing world of the ancient Maya with the addition of a K’óben (Mayan herb kitchen), where the resort’s resident shaman creates the ultimate personalized treatments, and a new menu of restorative Mayan experiences brought directly to guests in the privacy of their villa. At the new K’óben, the shaman dries and prepares the wide array of herbs from his garden. He then creates a completely personalized healing experience for the guest. Viceroy Riviera Maya’s shaman is the only full-time shaman on staff at a resort in Mexico and he is from a long family line of Mayan shamans from the Yucatan village of
X-pichil. In keeping with the Mayan tradition, he received the shaman’s “gift” through inheritance, passed on to him from his father. He is also a master of the use of plants of the region and tends to the stingless meliponas bees from a local Mayan village.

The signature treatment, Hunan-Kab, incorporates honey harvested on-property. The Melipona Bee Honey (Bee Cheii) is thought by the Mayans to be medicinal. The honey is applied using herb compresses soaked in a special tea before guests enjoy a massage in nature next to a waterfall. Every Monday, guests can participate in a complimentary Mayan walk that starts with guided meditation and a
blessing by the Shaman in the garden before walking through the pool and to the beach.

Full list of spa treatments:

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