The sweet smell of relaxation

Chocolate. Well, Roses and chocolate to be exact with the translation. The boutique hotel and spa Rosas & Xocolate.  This seemed like, once we heard the name, a no-brainer.  Why hadn’t other popular spas been called this before? These two things are commonly thought of as the stereotypical girl’s best friends.  We found out a little bit more about this uncommon spa. The hotel and spa are a result of passion and a dedicated effort by a collective of artisans and craftsmen who brought it to life.  Even the use of Rosas in the name has an intrinsic value to the owners.  The word Roses is in honor of the owner’s mother.  Xocolate, because of its nexus with the history of the town, since cocoa has been central in the tradition of pre-Hispanic peoples of Mexico. This connection is found even more specifically in the Mayan civilization of the southeast part of the country which is the geographic location of the hotel.

Rosas & Xocolate revolves around the history of its town, Merida. This connection is represented in the hotel’s SPA. One of its signature treatments is the Rosas & Xocolate Experience. The guest is completely covered in two thin layers of chocolate and cacao, combined with different natural ingredients, so the body has a chance to absorb all of the nutrients. Afterwards a steam bath melts the chocolate away and is meant to detoxify, resulting in the skin being very smooth and has a scent of chocolate. Who on earth would not want these two things?


This sounds like a perfect girlfriend’s getaway to us.  The rooms are fresh and modern while utilizing native wood and elements throughout.

Field notes:

*Xocolatherapies at Rosas & Xocolate utilize 100% pure cacao.

*For the kids visiting the spa, the “Ritual Rain of Roses” is a delicate” knees to feet” massage with oils and roses while enjoying a chocolate ice cream. Sounds delicious!


“The abiding atmosphere in the space which I venture to describe as a seductive labyrinth, proposes a transportation of the senses, from the bodily to the spiritual and vice-versa.” – Kolozs Carol Fischer, CEO

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