¡Vamos a la Playa (Mujeres)!

…For a week long journey of love and connection

Grab tu amor and splash into Cancún’s best kept secret, Beloved Playa Mujeres. Situated thirty minutes from Cancún International airport and off the touristy hotel strip, Playa Mujeres takes you off the beaten path into an untouched, lovers paradise. White sandy shores, sea foamy waters, and jungly flora (um, yes please!). This adults only boutique resort by Excellence Group prides itself on just that— excelencia! As the first and finest hotel group in Cancun to infuse all-inclusive amenities with luxurious accommodations, you can be sure that every moment swimming, lounging, dancing, dining, and connecting at Beloved is distinctly excellente!

Boasting grand infinity pools, swim up bars, hydrotherapy spas, private rooftop pools, en suite jacuzzi tubs, rainstorm showers, and (of course) that postcard picture caribbean coastline, you can spend all 25 of your “island time” hours immersed in sparkling water (and no, not Perrier for those of you witty thinkers).

Stepping into this beloved fortress opens up your mind, body, and spirit to an unearthly dimension of bliss… ahhh pura vida. Time is slower, music is richer, love is stronger, relaxation is deeper, and wellness is sounder. A tropical, conscious aura radiates through the intimate hotel. Beige marble floors and eggshell white stucco bring white sand beach vibes from the shore back with you to your casita. Vibrant green plant life, tropical palm trees, and soft sand, line the winding walkways and resting areas, immersing you in Cancun’s natural, pre-industrialized biome. Blue tiled pools add a tasteful pop of color and their elegant water features soothe you into a state of relaxation— both physically and mentally stimulating.


New at Beloved is their Wellness Week, which reflects an ideology that rests at the heart and soul of this destination. This resort is more than just palm trees and coastline. While it excels at checking off those tropical resort elements, Beloved’s mission for conscious awareness of yourself, your beloved, and your surroundings separates it from the rest. A week full of handcrafted activities designed to enrich overall wellbeing make this a vacation one where you and your companion can escape physically and mentally. Luckily for me, I was able to stay during this wonderful week and undergo a full mind and body rejuvenation.

The Wellness Palapa

Ahhh yes… the wellness palapa. Placed smack on the soft caribbean sand in front of a gorgeous coastline backdrop, this open canopy transforms into a shrine for personal requiescence. Pilates, meditation, shamanic massages, healing workshops, spiritual crafts, and yoga all take place under this palm leaved roof. Strengthen your core and connection to mother earth with mat pilates and don’t forget, to take in that fresh sea breeze with each and every inhale. Open your mind to a dimension of peace with a meditation journey. Be present to feel the brisk caribbean air against your skin more profoundly than ever before.  Get in touch with your body by learning self massage techniques. Cure and prevent muscle tension while you admire the breathtaking coastline. Align your chakras with a Mayan shamanic massage.  Feel the drum vibrations awaken your spirit while hearing the ocean melodies up close from the sea shells placed at your ears. Spark your creativity by handcrafting traditional mandalas from flower petals. Repay mother earth with a beautiful gift by releasing your flowery artworks into the pure ocean water. Stretch your body and mind with hatha yoga flow. Feel that downward dog pose uplift you spirit while listening to soothing waves in the close distance. Let all of your modern worries disappear and be mindful in this special moment. It’s only you, your special someone, and that striking caribbean sea. Namaste.

*Drum roll, please*… That Caribbean Sea!

Just like people, no two beaches are created equally. What separates the Caribbean sea from all the rest? Why is this the idealistic dreamers paradise? Because it’s unearthly waters are warm, clear, turquoise, and calm. Every shore that it touches is tropical Shangri-la…. including, Playa Mujeres. Beloved’s Wellness Week goes beyond  the wellness palapa, and rolls out onto the palm tree lined seashore.

Connect with nature, yourself, and your partner as you perform a butterfly release ritual on the soft, white sand. A butterfly’s life cycle symbolizes change and rebirth. Just like a butterfly, hand in hand, you and your partner can metamorphose into spiritually new beings, releasing yourselves from a chrysalis of past worries and pains. As you watch the butterflies decorate the sky, the warm sun acts as a spotlight for these beautiful creatures as they flutter across the shimmering sea.

Feel empowered as you run across the sand in a colorful beach race! Watch brightly colored powder paint the sky (and you!) as you race along the turquoise coastline. Even if you aren’t Usain Bolt, you can still laugh and have fun as you break conventional, adult norms by painting yourself in every color of the rainbow.

Drop that yoga mat—take to the sea and try paddle board yoga! This is yoga 2.0. While engaging in the standard exploratory powers of yoga, you can kick it up a notch by doing it in one of the most serene bodies of water. Calm waters, sea air, and penetrating ocean sounds set the stage for maximum bliss and relaxation. Child’s pose doesn’t get any better than that.

Light up your night as a beach bonfire and fire dancers lights up the sky. Cozy up to your loved one, roast marshmallows, listen to the rhythms of the waves, and be mesmerized by a jaw dropping fire performance— all from an oceanfront loveseat. Feel the seas pacifying, romantic powers create an unforgettable mystical aura while the fire fuels the sexy spark between you and your companion. Talk about a bond fire.

Forget sheep— count sea stars while you relax and catch some Zzzz’s (you are on vacation, for crying out loud). Rest your body on a cloud-like beach bed, letting sea wave lullabies rock you and your honey to sleep. Wake revitalized and sun-kissed. Two birds, one stone.

Waterside Dining & Drinking

If you thought it couldn’t get better than all-inclusive, think again. Beloved’s Executive Chef, Hemán Roldán mixes endless delicacies with stunner views. Sit atop Isla Grill’s pool deck, watch the sunset over the sea at El Mar Restaurant, or eat your heart out in a private dining cabana on the sand. If the delicious catch of the day flavors don’t titillate you and your lover, the Caribbean sea backdrop will. What’s more romantic than a swanky table for two on the water?

Of course, all-inclusive does not just mean food— it also includes adult apple juice (there is a god). Pick your favorite lounge chair (beach or poolside) and enjoy full bar service. Order your favorite elixir— sweet, fresh, on the rocks, you name it— and a friendly server will deliver it to you, without you ever having to take your eyes off that crystal clear water (…so this is what being royalty feels like).

The SpAhhhhh

Forget whatever you think you know about spas and imagine one of Taj Mahal caliber… that is The Beloved Spa. High ceilings, large beige pillars, marble floors, and heavenly aromatic smells surround calm, light blue pools. Enter into a world where magical entities revitalize you and your partner through a spiritual awakening. In honor of their Wellness Week, Beloved Spa is sure to add extra special healing elements to their traditional services. A ceremonial herbal cleansing prepares you for an open mind and a fresh start.  Organic, topical mint mud relax tense muscles while in the sauna. Strawberry hibiscus and coconut bamboo pastes detoxify your body in the warm caldarium. Handmade eucalyptus salt scrub excites your senses and revives dull skin in the hammam. Leave feeling at peace with yourself. This is what a little self-TLC looks like.

Offered year round, and a definite must try is their Aqua Viva session. During this treatment, you get the pleasure of swimming in this spa palaces’ tranquil waters and reap the benefits of the hydrotherapy circuit. The circuit is comprised of different water elements designed to heal and target various areas of the body. Begin by placing your feet in a white porcelain tub. Here your feet are cleaned with an energizing green tea scrub. Next, explore the various showers, each with its own unique arrangement of shower nozzles. A personal favorite is the “Mexican shower,” pull the lever and have a bucket of water tip over, cleaning you from head to toe. Once in the pool, swim throughout all wings of the pool to explore different therapeutic mechanisms. Rest on a bed while small water jets loosen the muscles across your back. Stand under beautiful waterfalls and feel the falling water release tightness in your neck and shoulders. Make your way to a jetted platform designed to massage your hard working feet.  Plunge into an ice bath quickly followed up with a dip in a hot bath to boost your immune defenses. Conclude your experience with water reflexology, splashing your feet through rose petal filled pools. H2O? More like H2-Ahhh.

Details Details Details.

Beloved doesn’t only succeed with its luxurious beachfront location, it also succeeds with paying extra attention to refining, little details. Twenty-four seven room service, daily artisanal chocolate gifts (delivered to your room), a pillow menu (soft, firm, goose down, you name it), and a three-to-one staff ratio (all of whom, genuinely care about your experience) ensures that your stay will be one of absolute excellence. While you can most definitely immerse yourself in water at each and every turn, you can also immerse yourself in Mexican culture. This little, but ever so important detail can often go overlooked by other resorts that blindly cater to Anglo-american tourists. Instead of a Classic Rock concert, watch a flamenco dance, participate in an ancient cacao ritual, and dance to live latin music as you take in the vibrant culture Mexico has to offer.

On a relaxing vacation, it is almost impossible not to be in a zen state of mind. However, Beloved Playa Mujeres gifts the guest not only with in the moment wellbeing, but also long lasting wellness to cherish back home. Take that for a souvenir, gift shop.

Sadly, my time at this heavenly retreat cannot last forever but like most of Beloved’s guests, I only have to say “Hasta luego”… for I will, most definitely, be back to this beloved place as soon as I possibly can.

For Swellegant Stays.

Lovers, dive into Cancún’s intimate jungle oasis, Beloved Playa Mujeres. It’s hard to believe that this quaint, hidden gem is conveniently located only 30 minutes from Cancun International Airport. This all inclusive, couples boutique hotel brings authentic plant life, Mexican culture, luxurious accommodations, and of course, that pristine caribbean water directly to you and your lovers feet. Stunting three infinity pools, swim up bars, waterside dining, the Taj Mahal of spas, 24/7 room service, and only 109 suites (all of which have oversized jacuzzi tubs, rainstorm showers, and a pillow menu… um, yes please!), you get all the perks of a large resort minus the crazy crowds. Enjoy an intimate swim, ocean sunset dinner, or simply get lost in the romantic aura that radiates from the sea to your suite. With a passion for wellness, Beloved specializes in creating activities and services that deliver physical, social, and mental wellbeing. During their renowned Wellness Week, connect with yourself, your beloved, and your surroundings through spirit activating activities. Yoga, pilates, meditation, paddle boarding, shamanic massages, salsa dance workouts, traditional rock painting, butterfly releases, and healing workshops all take place on white sandy shores. Infusing luxury and wellness under one tropical roof, you and your honey are guaranteed a truly sWELLegant stay.

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